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Former News of the World Editor Andy Coulson Arrested


Coulson, who is also David Cameron’s former director of communications, was arrested today in connection with the soon-to-be-closed newspaper’s phone-hacking scandal (former News of the World Royal correspondent Clive Goodman has also been arrested):

Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has been arrested by police investigating phone hacking and corruption allegations.

Ex-NoW royal editor Clive Goodman, jailed in 2007 for phone hacking, has been arrested over corruption claims.

It came as Prime Minister David Cameron defended his decision to employ Mr Coulson and announced two inquiries – one led by a judge – into the scandal.

Mr Coulson has denied any knowledge of phone hacking while he was NoW editor.

Fresh revelations

Mr Coulson, 43, was arrested at 1030 BST on Friday by detectives investigating allegations of hacking the phones of various people in the news and is also being questioned about corruption allegations.

He was arrested by appointment at a south London police station and is in custody.

A number of suited men, thought to be police officers, entered Mr Coulson’s south London home with large plastic crates at about 1200 BST.

And, following his arrest, Goodman, 53, is understood to be being held at a south London police station, although not the same one as Mr Coulson.

Mr Cameron said of Mr Coulson: “I became friends with him and I think he did his job for me in a very effective way. He became a friend and he is a friend.”

News International has said it is shutting the News of the World after this Sunday’s edition following a spate of fresh revelations.

Full story at BBC.


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