Anderson Cooper as the Next Oprah?

by Greg Pollowitz

Anderson Cooper is moving to daytime TV:

“Anderson” will cover a wide range of topics with provocative personal stories. Whether discussing social issues, trends and events, pop culture, or human interest stories, Anderson will involve viewers in the studio audience and at home in a daily discussion that will be both informative and entertaining. Anderson will also interview celebrity guests, as well as experts to bring daytime viewers real information they can use in their own lives and to help real people overcome real life challenges.

With undercover investigations and hidden camera experiments, Anderson will offer a fresh perspective on issues and social trends affecting women’s lives. “Anderson” will be a daily destination for multiple generations of women, a place where viewers can gain insight, and connect with each other and the world around them.

Oooh. Experiments! Just on people or on monkeys and such, too?

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