Casey Anthony to Live Under Pseudonym in Secret Location Upon Release

by Nat Brown

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Casey Anthony and her advisers are putting a lot of thought into her release from prison Wednesday.

A source close to the Anthony team shared this with me Monday:

† The mother of the slain Caylee reportedly is considering various disguises she can easily employ — to realistically alter her appearance. “There even have been discussions about cosmetic surgery, but Casey has rejected that out of hand,” said the Anthony insider, who says she believes “Casey really does not completely understand the depth of hatred out there.

“She’s fully aware of the various death threats, of course, but she thinks that’s isolated to relatively few nutcases,” added the source, who is deeply worried about Anthony’s well-being.

† Once Anthony reaches the still-secret location where she will live (known to a handful of people — but not my source) she is expected to live under a pseudonym, “almost as if she was living in a witness protection-like program,” to avoid being harassed.

Full story here.

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