Will Mila Kunis Keep Her Date with Sgt. Scott Moore?

by Nat Brown

Access Hollywood had reported that, though Kunis had initially accepted Sgt. Moore’s invitation to the Marine Corps Ball, a scheduling conflict could prevent her from attending:

However, E! Online reports that Kunis will in fact, keep her promise:

Mila Kunis warmed hearts and won herself a host of new fans when she accepted an invitation to the Marine Corps Ball from a soldier stationed in Afghanistan.

So, it would be quite the to-do if she were to cooly cancel on him, as at least one report is suggesting, right?

Well, yeah—and that’s why it’s not true!

E! News has heard that, yes, Kunis is a very busy gal these days, but that her reps are diligently working with her production schedule to make the date happen.

Let’s hope this happens!

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