False Rumour of Piers Morgan’s Suspesion from CNN Spreads

by Nat Brown

Politico reports:

An established British TV journalist broke the news this afternoon that Piers Morgan had been suspended in connection with phone hackings at News of the World. The problem with the story? It wasn’t true.

Jon Snow of London’s Channel 4 built up the news on his Twitter feed to his 100,000-plus followers, tweeting “another hacking bombshell” was approaching any minute around noon today and that the “Rumour mill” was churning. Minutes later, he reported the news that the CNN host had been suspended, apparently tipped off by a bogus Twitter account. That tweet was quickly deleted, leading to a pair of apologies.

“No truth that Piers Morgan suspended by CNN,” wrote Snow. “Apologies old chap..sorry, I mean young man!”

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