Watch as Rachel Maddow Lies About Rick Perry

by Greg Pollowitz

So, so sick. Here’s a clip (starts around the 5:42 mark) from her show last night where she says, quote, “ . . . Rick Perry today threatened to lynch baldy-beardy Ben Bernanke. . . .”

Rachel then goes on to show the video, where Perry says no such thing. What Perry did say about Bernanke, “we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas.” Whatever you think about what Perry said, to just make up words that Perry wants to lynch Bernanke is journalistic malpractice. There’s just no sane way to go from “we would treat him pretty ugly” to “lynch baldy-beardy Ben Bernake.”

Oh, and then after running what Perry actually said, Maddow doubles down on her lie and repeats that Perry wants to “lynch the Chairman of the Federal Reserve if he tries to help the economy.”

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