Robert Reich Rants About Fox News and Rick Perry

by Greg Pollowitz

Former Clintonista Robert Reich has been writing some strange stuff on Twitter of late. For example:

America is imperiled not because we’re broke but because Americans are being fed continuous lies by Fox News and WSJ editorial page.

Has his Twitter account been hacked? This is something I’d expect to read from an anonymous Lefty on Twitter, not one of the Democratic Party’s star voices on economic matters. Kevin Williamson answers Reich here.

It gets worse. Check this statement out:

Re: Perry & Texas. Governors are as responsible for job gains (or losses) in their states as roosters are responsible for sunrises.

Again — insane. And hypocritical. Here’s an excerpt from Reich’s endorsement of Deval Patrick for Massachusetts governor:

–he is the rare Democratic candidate who knows what makes businesses tick, and whose corporate experience has prepared him to create and keep good jobs in Massachusetts

So Mr. Secretary. Were you lying then about Deval Patrick or are you lying now about Rick Perry?

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