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Watch Chris Matthews Talk about Bachmann’s Planet of the Apes Dance


Over the Gardasil dust-up. What an ass:

Matthews stuck in a few jabs at the creationists as well. Earlier in the broadcast, however, Matthews made a point of talking about how he’s a Catholic. Well, by definition, a Catholic believes in the resurrection of Christ, right? The virgin birth? Jesus as the literal son of God? Transubstantiation? Where does Sergeant Science come down on those issues?

So we’re left with Matthews and the cop-out answer on religion that God created the universe and put in motion the human race. In other words, Matthews is a creationist, he just puts the date back 14 billion years or so from other Christians whose faith tells them something different.

The debate of creationism vs. evolution is much more complicated than Chris Matthews insinuates. His continued demagoguery of a certain group of Christians is bordering on the obsessive and his imagery of Michele Bachmann as some sort of sentient ape jumping around in the jungle is disgusting.


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