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Bush Impersonator Says Rick Perry and George W. Bush Are Very Different


While many may see Governor Perry as another version of President Bush, one man who made his living replicating every aspect of the former president believes differently:

Steve Bridges is perhaps one of the more well-known Bush impersonators, having performed side by side with Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondents’ Association’s annual dinner. He understands why people are linking Bush and Perry but adds that professional impersonators see differences between the two as big as the state of Texas.

Perry “seems more comfortable in front of the camera,” Bridges told POLITICO. “He seems to have a more statuesque-like look to me, where as I remember the first time I saw President Bush when he was a candidate. He just seemed almost loosey-goosey on the camera. He seemed like he was trying to button it up some but he just seemed much looser, whereas Rick Perry just seems a little more polished.”

The rest of the story here.


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