Reuters Trying to Make Up Its Mind on Soros and OWS

by Patrick Brennan

Yesterday morning, Reuters posted a story alleging that one of the world’s richest men and a robber-financier par excellence, George Soros, was backing the Wall Street protests. They then proceeded to amend its message not once, but twice — a pretty impressive flip-flop for a wire service.

You can see the original article here, noting that Soros had funded a San Francisco group, Tides, which was a major backer of AdBusters, the Canadian group which started the protests:

Then, at 5:25 PM yesterday, Reuters amended the article after a statement from Soros’s spokesperson, to this:

And then, at 6:45 PM, they amended the article again to restore the original lede, but with the new title:

Of course, reasonable observers might well assume that there probably is some high finance backing the protesters — as the slideshow on the NR homepage demonstrates, OWS’s most prominent supporters aren’t exactly paupers. Perhaps George Soros hasn’t yet gotten involved not because he doesn’t agree with them, but because he sees the protest for the puerile movement it is. George Soros knows the Rose Revolution, and Occupy Wall Street is no Rose Revolution.

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