Bias at the BBC

by Nathaniel Botwinick

BBC is known for having a leftward tilt in its coverage; however, in recent years this balance has shifted even further away from the center. The Daily Telegraph has chronicled this slide, which has been accompanied by decreasing journalistic standards:

The BBC is by charter expected to reflect the British values of fair-mindedness, decency and tolerance. Sadly, it is only very rarely that the BBC keeps its side of the bargain, and this negligence is starting to become a scandal. Rather than representing the nation as a whole, it has become a vital resource – and sometimes attack weapon – for a narrow, arrogant Left-Liberal elite.

The charges levied by The Daily Telegraph are severe: the Beeb is accused of fabricating stories to advance its political agenda:

[The] flagship BBC current affairs programme, Panorama, [lied] about Primark….There is ample evidence that Panorama’s “undercover” footage showing three boys in a Bangalore clothing workshop was actually an elaborately constructed fake – and this evidence became available almost at once. But the corporation was unbelievably slow to admit this. Only three years later, in June this year, did the BBC come up with a grudging apology.

Then there was the BBC’s attack on the monarchy, where it attempted to portray the Queen in a bad light:

The BBC showed the monarch, in full garter regalia, angrily leaving a photographic sitting after being asked to remove her tiara. It made compelling television, and at first was accepted as true. In fact, the scene was a fake, the result of misleading editing.

Finally, the Telegraph recounts another example of the BBC’s creative video editing, which sought to create the impression that conservative MP Andrew Tyrie was strong-armed by “Downing Street heavies” into not criticizing Chancellor George Osborne at a Conservative Party conference. The rest of the story here.

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