Limbaugh on Cain Again

by Nathaniel Botwinick

Some quotes from Rush Limbaugh today:

Sexual harassment is a political tool invented by the Left . . . to shut people down, to get rid of people, or to score money gains.

I’m doing this right now, so if anyone from Politico is watching, my wife in heels comes up to here, what difference does that make?

We have a resident female expert on staff, Bo Snerdley, what is the difference between coming up to the chin and this? Snerdley says that, you make a gesture . . . putting your hand by your chin, to designate someone’s height, it’s close to the mouth, so a woman might think that you know what, “you’re about the same height as my wife,” you’re saying that some women could interpret that as a request for a “Lewinski” . . . I just don’t see it. When I turn the teaching on this program to others, isn’t it amazing what you learn?

Some underestimate the news media’s power, if you do underestimate their power, you watch the Herman Cain witch hunt, two things, one, the media is mad that he’s still in there and smiling, and two they’re mad that the women haven’t come forward.

As I watch this witch hunt of Herman Cain, I’m reminded that whether they can do it or not, the media believe they can make or destroy any political candidate they choose.

They can in one circumstance, if they’re responsible for making that person, then they can destroy that person.

But if you’re the kind of person, in entertainment, politics, field of celebrity . . . if your field of success is due to the media, then you can be taken out. Kim Kardashian, if they wanted to, they could take her out. Weren’t you heartbroken, 72 days, they gave it their all? Where does she come up to on Humphries? . . . Yeah, you might have something there, but that’s not what Herman Cain did.

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