Team Cain Attacks Sharon Bialek, Media

by Greg Pollowitz

Herman Cain is now doing exactly what made me hate the Clintons and their minions during Monicagate. If the allegations are false, their are classier ways to handle it than this. An excerpt:

In an e-mail titled “Who is Sharon Bialek?” Mr. Cain’s campaign says she has sought the public spotlight by making “patently false allegations” against the Republican presidential candidate.

And the e-mail casts Ms. Bialek as a frequent job-hopper who has gone bankrupt twice and has what the campaign calls “a lengthy record in the Cook County court system.” The campaign lists her as the defendant in six lawsuits brought by companies and individuals.

“Which brings up the question of why she would make such reprehensible statements now?” the e-mail says. “The questions should be – who is financing her legal team, have any media agreed to pay for her story, and has she been offered employment for taking these actions.”

And later in the day. . .

“I don’t even remember” Sharon Bialek.

Nice try.


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