Estimating the Crowd Size at Occupy Wall Street

by Greg Pollowitz

Here in New York City, the OWSers decided to march across the Brooklyn Bridge at the end of the day. What this symbolizes remains a mystery to me, but here’s an excerpt from the The Atlantic’s live-blog of the event:

So, some guy at Russia Today says they heard a police scanner report and The Atlantic calls it an “official” estimate? From the pictures I’ve seen, the 32,000 number seems incredibly high. For comparison purposes, a little over 45,000 runners finished the New York Marathon in 2010. Here’s what that many people look like when massed on a bridge:

I have no idea if an official count was attempted, — or if any effort was made to account for the thousands of tourists and Brooklynites who walk the bridge every day — but since last night’s rally looked nothing like a typical NYC marathon, I’d have to assume that the 32,000 number is off by a wide margin. 

Maybe the Atlantic can give us Pravda’s estimate next.

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