Rush on Newt’s Immigration Policy

by Nathaniel Botwinick

Rush Limbaugh opened his show today with a discussion of Newt’s immigration proposal from last night’s debate:

Just because somebody has been here 25 years doesn’t mean they have assimilated into our society…they could be out there rabble rousing for La Raza for 24 years…do they have to speak English? What is the test that they have assimilated into our culture? A bold proposal that trickled into the debate, this is just me, I disagree with it but you can disagree with me…but if you want something like this accepted by the public, I don’t think you just throw it out there…you have to take some time, build some support for it, build a foundation for it…you don’t just throw your ideas out as policy…big difference between having an idea and having a policy…This is what got Newt in trouble with the individual mandate…the calculation was of the moment…the fact is, we’ve been over this countless times, you must first and foremost secure the border…any non-enforcement approach would be a magnet…I don’t want anyone to misunderstand…I’m just having the off-the-top of my head reaction…if you really believe this, throwing this out there is turning it into a big, big target…I just think you just have to build popular support to secure the border…before we start talking about deportation, you’ve got to secure the border, that remains the sieve…also dealing with the pro-illegal alien lobby…bunch of people who don’t want to secure the border…maybe if Newt had said, “I’ve been thinking about this”…the way he threw it out there, as full-fledged policy, means we can take shots at it…a month ago we touted on this program a column written by Daniel Henninger about Mitt Romney…Romney, according to Henniger, will have to be pushed to the right, that’s the value of the debates and the campaign…you watch the debates, and you see that happened…we have found here, via Youtube, Mitt Romney, back in 2007, on Meet the Press, “My own view is consistent with what you saw in the Lowell Sun, that those people that came here illegally should be able to register as aliens”…he jumped on Newt, probably forgot he said it…he went further than Newt, who purposefully didn’t say citizenship…if you grant amnesty, amnesty is citizenship, if they’re not citizens, then they can’t vote, let’s be humane, enforce the law, but don’t give them citizenship…[Newt can say] my program isn’t amnesty, therefore these people wont become automatic Democratic voters…Newt showed these media people that “maybe there is a heart in conservatism.” In truth folks, Mitt Romney went further four years ago than Newt did last night…but Newt’s the one taking the heavy fire today.

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