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Shocker: Senate Democrats Admit Obamacare Will Increase Premiums


We already knew this was coming, of course — despite the dishonest, and sometimes preposterous, assurances from the bill’s (suddenly verrry quiet) salesman-in-chief.  

Just in case Sen. Dick Durbin’s accidental articulation of the truth wasn’t enough to convince you that congressional Democrats knew full well that higher premiums are an inevitable outcome of Obamacare, this New York Times article should do the trick:

Fearing that health insurance premiums may shoot up in the next few years, Senate Democrats laid a foundation on Tuesday for federal regulation of rates, four weeks after President Obama signed a law intended to rein in soaring health costs.

After a hearing on the issue, the chairman of the Senate health committee, Tom Harkin, Democrat of Iowa, said he intended to move this year on legislation that would “provide an important check on unjustified premiums.”

Mr. Harkin praised a bill introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, that would give the secretary of health and human services the power to review premiums and block “any rate increase found to be unreasonable.” Under the bill, the federal government could regulate rates in states where state officials did not have “sufficient authority and capability” to do so.

The White House offered a similar proposal in the weeks leading up to approval of the health care legislation last month. But it was omitted from the final measure, in part for procedural reasons…

…Under the new health care law, starting in 2014, most Americans will be required to have insurance. Insurers will have to offer coverage to all applicants and cannot charge higher premiums because of a person’s medical condition or history.

It sure would have been nice if Democrats had been a tad more forthcoming about their “fears that health insurance premiums may shoot up” before passing the legislation that fulfilled those fears — all the while insisting that its effects would actually be the opposite of what they now “fear.”

But wait: If insurance companies are forced by the federal government to cover people with expensive pre-existing conditions, and the federal government won’t allow them to raise premiums to keep up with new federal government-imposed costs, couldn’t they go out of business?  Gee, if I didn’t know better, I’d suspect that was precisely the point of this wonderful program.


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