Fox News Reporter Arrested in New York

by Greg Pollowitz

And if you didn’t hear anything about it from the usual anti-Fox mouthpieces on the Left, there’s good reason: The man arrested was Fox reporter Douglas Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy:

A Westchester hospital said Monday it was standing behind its nurses who clashed with the son of Robert F. Kennedy as he tried to take his newborn baby from a maternity unit last month — a story first reported by NBC New York.

Douglas Kennedy was charged last week with misdemeanor harassment and endangering the welfare of a child. He and his wife have called the charges “absurd” and said the nurses were in the wrong.

On Monday, Northern Westchester Hospital said “we completely support the actions of our nursing staff in this case as they were clearly acting out of concern for the safety of a newborn baby.”

According to a Mount Kisco, N.Y. police report obtained by NBC New York, Kennedy, 44, took his 2-day-old baby from the maternity unit on Jan. 7, against the instructions of hospital staff who told him the infant needed to stay there.

The nurse in charge of the unit, Anna Margaret Lane, said in a deposition that Kennedy wanted to take the child “to get fresh air” that evening. As he tried to leave, he was accompanied by a doctor from the hospital’s emergency room, identified in court papers as “Dr. Haydock,” later determined to be Dr. Timothy Haydock, a longtime family friend.

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