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Team Obama Hits Teresa Heinz Kerry on her Ties to Chinese Surveilance Company


Well, not really, but they should. Here’s what Team Obama tweeted on the 16th about Mitt Romney and Bain:

The tweet links to this New York Times article, which — and this is a shocker — failed to report that the Kerry family has ties to the same Chinese company. The Washington Post:

The New York Times reported today that a fund operated by Bain Capital, the Boston-based private equity firm founded by Mitt Romney, has invested in a Chinese company that provides equipment for government efforts to monitor Chinese citizens at religious institutions, university campuses, and other venues.

Romney, it turns out, isn’t the only prominent American politician connected with that controversial investment: Former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, who now chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, reported more money than Romney invested in the same fund on his most recent Senate disclosure form.

The funds, Kerry staffers say, are part of a Heinz Family Trust of which his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, widow of former Pennsylvania Sen.John Heinz III, sole heir to the Heinz ketchup and food fortune, is one beneficiary.

“This isn’t Senator Kerry’s investment,” said Kerry spokeswoman Jodi Seth. “He is not and never has been a beneficiary of any Heinz family trusts, which were established before they knew each other, and are controlled by independent trustees.”

The rest here.


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