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Haitian Mother Names Infant ‘Israel’ to Honor Rescuers


A CBS/Associated Press report lists countries providing aid to Haiti in the wake of that country’s devastating earthquake. Conspicuously absent is the entire Muslim world — including the extremely rich oil-producing nations.

Meanwhile, Israel (which is often treated in an appallingly unfair way by many in the media) is rightly getting some excellent coverage, since the Jewish state has been at the forefront of rescue efforts in Haiti.

Israel’s long history of enduring bomb and missile attacks has made the Israeli army (the IDF) one of the most experienced in the world in treating mass-injuries and using specially trained sniffer dogs to locate wounded persons in the rubble.

The IDF was one of the first on the scene in Haiti last week (sending considerably more troops and doctors than, for example, Britain and France did). Thousands of Haitians have already been treated in the IDF Medical and Rescue Field Hospital, and Israeli forces have located and rescued survivors trapped in ruined buildings, including many who were injured during the collapse of the UN headquarters. On Sunday, a baby boy was delivered inside the Israeli field hospital. The mother of the child said she will call him Israel.

Here are some positive stories from major international media.

This is a heart-warming piece by WABC News (January 18): A brother of a resident of Queens, New York, is pulled out of the rubble by an Israeli rescue team after four days.

In this piece from Britain’s Sky News, the Israelis rescue a man alive after a very dangerous 8 hours digging in the debris.

This short CNN report piece (January 18) is worth watching:

As is this item from Fox News (January 17):


CBS News (as repeated here on Sky News) (January 18) calls the Israeli IDF hospital the “Rolls Royce” of medicine in Haiti:

And here is a story from ABC News (January 18): Miracle birth amid Haiti’s rubble.

And what about the BBC (the world’s biggest news broadcaster)? Panorama, the flagship news program of the BBC’s main channel, BBC1, devoted the entire program yesterday evening to yet another piece of anti-Israeli agitprop.


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