Outrage at the Media in the Trayvon Martin Case

by Greg Pollowitz

An instant classic from Business Insider:

Why Lots Of People Think The Media Is Wrong About The Trayvon Martin Case

And then there’s this correction that Business Insider was forced to add to the piece:

UPDATES: There are images circulating online that are supposedly other pictures of Trayvon Martin. We saw one on Stormfront a racist message board. It was embedded with another picture purporting to be Trayvon that the Miami News Times points out is NOT Trayvon Martin. One conservative website has already apologized for publishing it.  (We originally published the entire image found on Stormfront, which included two photos, but we took the second down after finding out it wasn’t Trayvon Martin). And now there is also question as to whether the other image is of Trayvon. We have now removed both.)

So, I guess Business Insider proved its point: People don’t trust the media because the media is filled with hacks who don’t bother to fact check what they post or link to.

Hat-tip the Miami New Times.

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