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This Is the Best Money-Saving Idea the Feds Could Dream Up?


Earlier this year, President Obama created the “SAVE Award,” given to the Federal employee who comes up with the best idea to save money. This year’s winner:

The winning idea:

Nancy Fichtner from Colorado thinks that veterans leaving VA hospitals should be able to take the medicine they’ve been using home with them instead of it being thrown away when they’re discharged.

As is the case in most hospitals all across the country, medicine that is used in the hospital is not given to patients to be brought home; instead, it is thrown out. “Currently the inpatient medications such as ointments, inhalers, eye drops, and other bulk items are being disposed of upon patient discharge.” Nancy proposes ending this waste and finding a way to allow this medicine to be used by those who need it.

What was second place? Use paper clips twice?


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