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Western media coverage of the ongoing events in Iran continues to be very disappointing, and the virtual silence by most Western government spokesmen is truly disheartening. The increasing unrest there has potentially enormous consequences far beyond Iran’s borders. There now seems to be a distinct possibility that the Islamic Republic itself could be overthrown in 2010, just as President Obama is in the process of trying to engage it and grant it a measure of legitimacy.

Following up on videos from Iran I have highlighted in previous NRO Media blog posts, here is another video I haven’t seen on any of the main international TV news networks (a video the veracity of which I have authenticated with my Iranian contacts).

Iranian protesters in Sirjan dramatically rescue two prisoners as they are being hanged on December 22. Guards then call in assistance and later in the video we see them shooting dead a number of the protesters and wounding many more. (Warning: it is fairly graphic.)

Here is a photo of a young man who has been shot in the groin during the Sirjan clashes and is bleeding badly.

Meanwhile President Barack Obama continues to say he wants to engage (and thereby legitimize) the regime. His lack of clear support for Iran’s pro-democracy activists has led some Iranians to chant “Obama, Obama, you’re worse than Carter.” (Former President Jimmy Carter remains a hated figure in Iran. Many there believe his misguided policies helped to usher in the Khomeinist regime in the late 70s.)

This is a moment in the history of the advance of freedom, and by his tepid statements and lackluster support for the brave people on the streets of cities all over Iran, fighting against a tyrannical and terroristic regime, Obama is missing it.


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