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Why Can’t I Just Eat My Pineapple?


ABC News reports:

Obama “Likely” to Speak About Flight 253

White House sources tell ABC News the President will “likely” speak publicly about the alleged attempted terrorist attack on Flight 253 in the next few days.  The President is on vacation in his native state of Hawaii – he has received regularly briefings on the incident and called for increased security for air travel, along with a full review of the terror watch list procedures.  The White House is adamant that the President is actively engaged on the incident behind the scenes, receiving regular updates as information comes in.  While on vacation Mr. Obama does not keep a public schedule, but he did spend much of the day golfing on Saturday and is spending Sunday with his family at the beach.  He has been criticized because he has yet to address the American people directly.

How very presidential to interrupt a vacation due to an act of terror against the United States. Churchillian, almost.


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