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Journalist Deaths Hit Record in 2009


The number of journalists killed around the world in 2009 rose to a record 68 after a massacre of 31 journalists in the Philippines last month, the Committee to Protect Journalists said yesterday. The press monitoring group said that the 2009 tally compared to 42 deaths in 2008 and surpassed the previous record of 67 deaths in 2007.

About three-quarters of the journalists killed this year were targeted in retaliation for their work, 11 journalists were killed in crossfire during combat situations and seven died covering dangerous assignments such as raids or protests.

Another 20 journalist deaths in 2009 are still being investigated by the Committee to Protect Journalists, which began compiling records of media deaths in 1992, and a final 2009 tally will be released in January.

What is also of note is the readers’ comments left on this Reuters story about the record death toll, which confirms that at least among some members of the public, journalists aren’t getting any more popular.

For example:

Only 68 devils killed? For how much you “journalists” work against the interests of The American People, and for how much you benefit corporatism, I am surprised there hasn’t been 1000s hung in public. Only if justice still happened…

Another example:

You what you call 68 journalists killed in a year….a good start!


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