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“Boycott Connecticut!” Continued


Michael Moore lists the Connecticut companies to boycott:

Click Here to Cancel Your Aetna Insurance Policy
Aetna gives Lieberman money… don’t give them yours

Click Here to Cancel Your Policy with The Hartford
If we can’t have real health care reform,
they can’t have our money

Other Connecticut Companies to Boycott:
Applera | Carrier | Clairol; Your natural hair color is beautiful | Colt’s Manufacturing Company | Electric Boat; Get your nuclear submarines elsewhere, America | ESPN | Ethan Allen | Foxwoods Resort & Casino; Head on down to A.C. | Gartner | General Electric | Gerber Scientific | Hamilton Sundstrand | Nestle | Northeast Utilities; Turn out the lights | Otis Elevator; Use the stairs | Phoenix Companies | Pitney Bowes | Pratt & Whitney; Make love, not war | | Sikorsky; Do you really need that second helicopter? | Southern Connecticut Gas | Stew Leonard’s; How can you think about filet mignon at a time like this? | Time Warner | United Technologies | W.R. Berkley | Webster Bank | Xerox; You don’t really need to copy that.

I love it. Boycott GE! Just say no to MSDNC! (Which will still be 49 percent owned by GE, even after the Comcast deal.) If Olbermann and Maddow take salaries from GE, they’re taking Lieberman blood money!

Another good one is the Otis elevator company: Have fun walking up all those stairs, hippies.

But no way am I boycotting Stew Leonard’s. Grocery shopping with an ice-cream cone and fresh coffee is impossible to give up.


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