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And Speaking of Rep. Grayson. . .


He’s not a fan of Obama’s surge strategy in Afghanistan. Grayson tweets, remarkably with no profanity:

Change Obama’s Mind, Change the World #afghanistan

The link directs you to this site and asks you to send this pre-written letter to the president:

Dear President Obama,

In your run for President, you inspired us with your message of peace. You told Iowans about your courageous stance against the war in Iraq, saying, “I opposed this war from the beginning. I opposed the war in 2002. I opposed the war in 2003. I opposed it in 2004 and 2005 and 2006.”

In Illinois, the state that elected you to the Senate, you said that “the consequences of war are dire, the sacrifices immeasurable. We may have occasion in our lifetime to once again rise up in defense of our freedom and pay the wages of war. But we ought not — we will not — travel down that hellish path blindly.”

You said we should “not stay the course or take the conventional path because the other course is unknown.” These are your words, and they are the words of a man of peace.

Mr. President, be the President that we voted for, the President that you promised to be. We agree with you that we should not “travel down this hellish path blindly.”  It is time to come home.


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