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Palin: Only 700,000 Sales in the First Week?


Interesting news about Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue: 700,000 sales in the first week. That’s a nice, big number, though part of me thinks: Only 700,000? Does that count all the copies that Andrew Sullivan is stacking under his bed, like that nut cutlet Mel Gibson plays in Conspiracy Theory does with Catcher in the Rye? (Maybe: HarperCollins is upping the first run to 2.5 million.)

But here’s the sentence in the Associated Press report that has to be gratifying to Palin:

Few nonfiction books have debuted so well. In 2004, Bill Clinton’s “My Life” sold more than 900,000 copies in its first week.

It’s not the number, it’s who she gets compared to. Yeah, she got outsold by a president of the United States, but the yardstick of comparison is … a president of the United States. There’s a fact that must send an unpleasant jolt of juice through the reptilian brain of the Democratic-media complex.


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