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KSM ‘Entitled’ to Exploit Trial to Slam America?


During the Bush years, government officials who wanted to prosecute and/or kill terrorists were portrayed as ideological radicals. During the Obama years, government officials (and the journalists who support them)  want to give the self-proclaimed mastermind of 9/11 his “shot,” and he’s “entitled” to put on a circus and put the U.S. government on trial. No one seems to ask: and that will improve our reputation in the eyes of “the world”? These exchanges on Sunday’s This Week with Rahm Emanuel’s Phone Buddy should stand out:

David Brooks: We do know something about his character. There have been front-page stories in the “Washington Post” and “The New York Times” the last two days describing a narcissistic personality, who likes to make a big show of himself and who wants the big show, whose written long memos expressing himself and the message he wants to say to the world….

David Corn: But Moussaoui did the same thing at his trial. It was a circus-like atmosphere. He gave speeches. He was his own attorney then he wasn’t his own attorney. I don’t see why their considerations should come into our considerations. We should make decisions based on what we think is right and best. And if they want to try to exploit that, well give them the shot but at the end of the day, it’s about our values, not about his values….

Bob Woodward: But the symbolism could be very important by saying, look we let the narcissistic personalities get justice in the country. And I think there’s a good chance he will really get justice and let’s not be concerned that he’s going to exploit it for his purposes, people on trial, are entitled to do that.

We need 30-second ads for bigfoot journalists, so one can end (add announcer voice here): “Bob Woodward said the mastermind of 9/11 was ‘entitled’ to exploit the judicial system and put the U.S. government on trial just blocks from the crater that was the World Trade Center.”


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