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There Is No Tent Big Enough, Ma’am


Best news of the day comes from Tracey Specter, daughter-in-law of Arlen and head of the Republican committee in my third adopted home town of Lower Merion, Pa.:

I am stepping down as Chair of our Committee and, pursuant to our by-laws, Vice Chair Jim Clark will become chair and serve out my term, which ends after the Primary 2010. Although I will remain an active Republican, I plan to work to re-elect my father-in-law, Arlen Specter.

I want to thank you for your involvement and support of our Republican organization while I was Chair these past 5 ½ years (and during my 20 years in this organization). In many ways RCLMN has become my extended family.

I am very proud ofour [sic] accomplishments and that we continue to be a cohesive, pro-active group that embraces the “big tent” idea, welcoming and inclusive of all Republicans. We have worked efficiently and successfully during a difficult time in our party to elect Republicans, while building and significantly increasing our base of involved Republicans. I am especially proud of our Statement of Principals [sic] ( ), which was adopted by Montgomery County Republican County [sic], and other Republican Committees throughout The Commonwealth.

And read that Statement of “Principals” if you get a chance. It’s a masterpiece of illiteracy.


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