Miami NBC Reporter Fired Over George Zimmerman Edit

by Greg Pollowitz

This is an entirely different incident than the one that claimed a Today show employee a few weeks back. Miami New Times:

NBC’s national Today show deservedly caught loads of flak last month after airing an audio clip of George Zimmerman’s 911 call that had been falsely edited to sound as if Zimmerman was saying he found Martin suspicious because he was black. But where did the bogus sound clip come from?The network launched an internal investigation and, according to SFLTV, they found the culprit was veteran NBC6 reporter Jeff Burnside. Burnside has been fired over the incident, the blog reports.

Update: A spokesman for the NBC owned stations confirms for Riptide that an NBC6 employee was fired over a bogus Zimmerman edit, though he claims the edit was separate from the national Today show incident.

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