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I’m not sure if this is better or worse than Ben Franklin in a toga, but I like the headline: Tall, Bronze, and Hideous:

Oh, the dreadful realism! One of the worst things about the Nineties was Bill Clinton and his single-buttoned jackets. (And that damned digital watch he wore with his suits.) Give this to Barack Obama: When he dresses up as JFK, he more or less gets it right.

James Gardner, formerly of the (Weep! Gnash!) much-missed New York Sun, writes:

[Clinton's] palpable unease was surely as much a question of aesthetics as a protestation of modesty. For the sculpture really is lousy. Though ultimately based on the ancient Prima Porta statue of Augustus Caesar, it can be more immediately traced back to those superhuman man-tractors representing the likes of Lenin, Brezhnev, and Ceauşescu that littered the Soviet Block [sic] in times gone by.

An important discovery: We have finally found out what it takes to embarrass Bill Clinton. Well done, Pristina!


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