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Q: How Thick-Headed Is Anita Dunn?


A: Very.

Charles Krauthammer is especially interesting on the White House vs. Fox business, but one thing about this is going to make my head explode: Freelance Mao apologist Anita Dunn dismisses Fox as “opinion journalism masquerading as news.” Asked to cite a Fox story that was unfair, Robert Gibbs said to tune in at 5 p.m. and find out. So, Glenn Beck is in the 5 p.m. slot, and much of what Dunn and Gibbs and the rest of the White House bedwetters lament on Fox is Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, etc. But that is not “opinion journalism masquerading as news.” That’s opinion journalism masquerading as opinion journalism. Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are not news anchors and don’t pretend to be. (Seriously? Beck? An anchor? With the funny Kermit voices?)

On the other hand, the “objective” news media at CNN, the networks, and elsewhere just disgraced themselves by smearing Rush Limbaugh with a bunch of quotes that were made up. They tried to take down George W. Bush with fraudulent documents. They blow up cars for dramatic effect. That’s not “opinion journalism masquerading as news,” either, that’s fiction masquerading as news. Dan Rather’s ideological bias was every bit as obvious as Beck’s, but Rather was a news anchor. In fact, Fox is one of the last places you’ll ever find “opinion journalism masquerading as news” because so much of their programming is opinion journalism, advertised as such.


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