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Elegy for an ‘Anti-War’ Movement


The radical movement against the depredations of the American Empire — described in establishment media circles simply and sweetly as the “anti-war” movement — is having trouble filling the corner of a Washington park in the Era of Hope and Change. But the Washington Post still marked the eighth anniversary of war in Afghanistan with a Page 1 portrait of the movement in action, as reporter Eli Saslow found even grandmas plot out their heroic imprisonments:

The protesters met Monday morning in McPherson Square, a slab of grass in downtown Washington named after a war hero. They had hoped to fill the park, but instead 176 protesters gathered in one corner. The crowd was all familiar faces from the antiwar movement, except for a homeless man sleeping on a bench, a bicyclist eating a scone and a Street Sense newspaper salesman who saw a business opportunity in the gathering.

Eve Tetaz, 78, stood near a small sound stage and zipped up her orange jumpsuit. She had a trial pending from another protest, but she still planned to risk arrest Monday — something she had done so often that preparing for jail was part of her routine. Phone numbers of fellow protesters were inked on her forearm so she could call from jail. A neighbor in Adams Morgan had agreed to watch her two cats. Her glaucoma medicine was packed underneath her jumpsuit. She wore a heavy sweatshirt that itched in the heat but would make for a fantastic pillow in a cell.

“Jail is a little uncomfortable,” Tetaz said, “but so is the dentist.”


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