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ACORN = Catholic Church?


The ACORN exposes have been distributed widely enough in liberal media circles to be spread as fodder on Thursday’s edition of The View. The liberal women were very upset that the poor people would suffer now that ACORN is losing its federal funding right and left, implying that the end of subsidies means the end of ACORN. This spurred Joy Behar to pull out the largest bogeyman in her purse, comparing ACORN to the Catholic Church. Here’s how it unfolded:

Whoopi Goldberg: So maybe it’s not a good idea to throw the baby out with the bath water. It’s better to –

Barbara Walters: Keep, change things, which ACORN is trying to do. They’ve shut down all the branches that were compromised. I’m reading — they’re conducting staff training. They are ordering independent investigations. We gave some of the banks a chance, didn’t we, until they found their way. For heaven sakes — I mean, Whoopi and I have, give them a chance. Let them try to do what they’re supposed to do, and don’t hurt the poor people that don’t have any chance.

Sherri Shepherd: Because you’ve had these are isolated incidents.

Joy Behar: More oversight on all of these things.

Goldberg: Everything, I mean, you know, there are boneheads in all organizations. We’ve worked for them. We know that they’re there. But do you kill the whole thing? And I don’t think so. A lot of people think that you should kill it. But you can’t answer, you can’t tell me where those people who become even more disenfranchised go. Because we know the Republicans aren’t going to take care of them. Cause we see that doesn’t work anymore for them. So now where do they go? I am sick and tired of people dismantling stuff and saying, “Oh, we’re for the people,” and then leaving the people this. Because they don’t care. Find a way to fix it.

Behar: They haven’t dismantled the Catholic Church and they have some boneheads in there.


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