Tapper on Bain Attacks: Did Obama Govern Like a Community Organizer?

by Alexander Kazam

President Obama has been taking the line that Mitt Romney’s business experience doesn’t qualify him for high office because being President is not about “maximizing profits.” But Jake Tapper asks a good question in this afternoon’s press briefing:

TAPPER: [W]hy would the White House or the president conclude that because Mitt Romney ran his private equity firm a certain way that he would run the country the same way? … The president took his experience; it didn’t mean he started running the country like a community organizer or like a state senator. He just had experience. 

CARNEY: Well, no, but the experience he had as a community organizer and state senator and then as a United States senator were the experience he believes helped qualify him for the presidency. He’d made the case and — that that record – 

TAPPER: But he didn’t do it as the community organizer; he did it as a president. And my only — my question is why are you — why are you saying that he would run things as— 

CARNEY: Well, because the governor himself — the former governor himself as said as much. He’s not running, that I can tell, on his record — or that you can, because he hasn’t — on his record in Massachusetts. He’s running as a businessman who can do for America what he did in private equity. And that, I think — I think Americans would expect that that credential deserves some scrutiny. 

The rest of the exchange here.

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