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The Big Network Zero on ACORN


Up until the last few hours, the network silence on ACORN has been long-lasting. A quick Nexis search on Monday at ABC, CBS, and NBC archives found zero stories since Inauguration Day. “Acorn” does get one search result on NBC, a Gene Shalit movie review of the latest Ice Age cartoon:

Sid, the inspired creation of artists and writers, leaps to life through John Leguizamo’s uproarious vocal virtuosity. He trumps the meandering story and scraps enough already with the acorn.

I also tried most of the longer ACORN name (“community organizations for reform now”) and drew three zeroes. Even trying to search for the term “voter registration,” since ACORN engaged in blatant voter-registration fraud, only drew one mention per network, and none of them had anything to do with ACORN. (One centered on the elections in Afghanistan.)

It’s obvious that the ACORN story has been treated the same way the Van Jones story was: as a right-wing obsession you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. But in one way, this attempt at ignorance is worse. In a medium so dependent on provocative video, to ignore these clips for days reveals you don’t really want to make news as much as stop news from happening.


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