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Yalies on the YUPpies


Jamie Kirchick of The New Republic jumps on his alma mater, mocking the Yale University Press for its self-censorship on the Mohammed cartoons:

{YUP director John] Donatich cites Yale University Press’ publication of other controversial books as proof of his willingness to make politically tough choices, mentioning an unauthorized biography of the King of Thailand. “I’ve never blinked,” he defiantly told The New York Times. But printing that book does not exactly warrant a free speech warrior’s badge of courage; his Royal Highness Bhumibol Adulyadej is not known for suborning the murder of overseas critics.

The king of Thailand!

But the sad truth seems to be this: Even if you have The New Republic, The New Criterion, National Review, conservatives and liberals alike, and a long tradition of free and open inquiry on one side, versus the specter of Mohammed al-Kaboom on the other, free discourse loses.


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