Roseanne Barr Attacks S. E. Cupp

by Noah Glyn

Former comedian and current Green Party presidential candidate Roseanne Barr is not a pleasant lady.

Today, she tweeted, “@msmagazine @TheRobinMorgan your defense of women who hate women is more disgusting than putting pics of penises in their mouths, excuse me!”

This was in response to Ms. Magazine, the magazine Gloria Steinem founded, coming to S. E. Cupp’s defense. Ms. Steinem released a personal statement:

As another of the countless women who have been attacked, defamed and endangered by Larry Flynt and Hustler over the years, I am proud to stand with S.E. Cupp and defend her right to free speech and respect. One has only to look at Flynt’s record of woman-hatred and the depiction of sexualized violence against females–including children, as in such famous Hustler features as ‘Chester the Molester’–to see that the only thing more damaging than Flynt’s hatred would be his approval.

Ironically, the centerpiece of Barr’s campaign is the destruction of patriarchy.

I know, I know . . . a real winner.

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