So Sorry: Chris Hayes Apologizes

by Greg Pollowitz

There’s a pattern here. A liberal says exactly what they mean in their heart. Then there’s some outrage over it. For Cory Booker, it came from the Left; for Hayes from the Right. Then the individual defends their first statement, as do their surrogates/supporters. And then the individual apologizes.

As I wrote yesterday, you say something, you should own it. Especially if you actually mean what you say, rather than offer some lame apology.

The text of the Hayes apology here.

Lost in all of this is that Hayes was making a good point about how Memorial Day is celebrated. Here is a day that for many American families is a solemn day. A day of remembrance. A day of honoring those lost.

But for a lot of folks, it’s about the start of summer, and hot dogs, and grilling.

We’ve dumbed-down important holidays in America to turn them into three-day weekends.

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