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AP: ‘A Little Fuzzy’ on Joy Behar


Associated Press media reporter David Bauder played ideological hide-and-seek in his story on Joy Behar’s forthcoming new show on CNN’s Headline News channel:

In Behar, HLN gets a comic and social commentator well known from a show designed with women in mind. She was a little fuzzy recently in describing what her show will be, although it isn’t expected to veer much from the traditional talk format. She said she wanted to bring in people who disagreed with her because it would otherwise be boring, and was looking for alternative bookings.

She’d love to speak to Sarah Palin, but “if she doesn’t want to come, well, then we’ll get her maid or something, or her baby sitter.”

That’s the closest AP gets to the concept of liberalism. Bauder didn’t mention any of Behar’s liberal wackiness on ABC’s The View, including my favorite oddball quote, suggesting in 2006 that Sen. Tim Johnson’s stroke might be caused by his Republican opponents:  

Joy Behar: “Is there such a thing as a man-made stroke? In other words, did someone do this to him?”

Dari Alexander, Fox News: “Maybe they gave him polonium.”

Rosie O’Donnell [laughing]: “Oh no, no.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “Let me ask you something. Why is everything coming from the liberal perspective a conspiracy? This is a conspiracy.”

Behar: “I know what this–that party is capable of.”


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