Alec Baldwin — Super-Sized Hypocrite

by Greg Pollowitz

Alec Baldwin has a piece in the HuffPo endorsing Mayor Blomberg’s plan to restrict the amount of soda New Yorkers are allowed to consume. He writes:

Many of those who cry loudest about measures like the one Bloomberg has proposed are probably sick, too: hooked on high fat, high sodium and high sugar diets who don’t want their “drug” taken away. Are there people who consume these products responsibly? Of course. But that isn’t the point. At least not anymore. Americans are obese, and in some areas of high concentration, morbidly obese, in numbers that are sapping the treasuries of the fifty states, undercutting U.S. competitiveness, and leaving this country vulnerable to a set of long-term health crises that we will struggle to overcome, if ever. All the while, millions will die, unnecessarily, simply because they fell victim to the marketing of unhealthy dietary choices.

Whether you think an elitist, billionaire New Yorker has any business blocking your path to the soda fountain is one issue. His motives, however, are unquestionable.

Watch The Weight of a Nation on HBO to learn just how on target Bloomberg is.

I’m glad Alec Baldwin is so, so concerned about my health. And I would take him more seriously if he wasn’t the spokesperson for Bonefish Grill. Can you really be in the pocket of “big-food” and complain about calories, sugar, and fat? Verdict: hypocrite.

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