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Obama’s ‘Socialist Brainwashing’ Update


There was a fascinating development in the Obama school-speech stories this morning. The networks generally despise anyone calling Barack Obama a “liberal,” thinking that allegation needs fact-checking. But because liberals seem outraged at the accusation of the school speech being an ideological exercise, we have an explosion of Obama labeling, which they must think makes conservatives look extreme. From Friday’s morning shows:

JAKE TAPPER, ABC: That has ignited a firestorm with Republicans charging that the President is seeking to indoctrinate students with liberal policy propaganda. There’s no evidence for that charge.

BILL PLANTE, CBS: Good morning, Chris. The President’s address will be live on the Internet. The Department of Education says that he will encourage students to stay in school and work hard. But some parents and conservative critics are calling it socialist brainwashing.

MEREDITH VIEIRA, harrumphing to DAVID GREGORY, NBC: Past presidents like Bush and Reagan have done similar things. But conservatives are accusing him of trying to spread a socialist ideology. What does that say about partisanship right now in this country?

Even if this labeling is caused by attributing it to allegedly hyperventilating conservatives, this is a banner day of accurate descriptions of Obama’s Euro-pandering ideological location.


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