Where Does MSNBC Go from Here?

by Greg Pollowitz

For months now, MSNBC has been hyping this recall election. Rachel Maddow last night admitted they were expecting a long night until the results were in, even laughing about how maybe we wouldn’t know until the Today show Wednesday morning. She quipped, “I ate chocolate for dinner.” But then she admitted it took only 49 minutes for NBC to call the election for Walker. Some tweets from Ed Schultz, reporting live from Madison, show he wasn’t happy with the early call.

If MSNBC had just a shred of integrity, they’d independently investigate what went wrong with their reporting. I don’t mind that the voices on MSNBC are from the left. I don’t mind that they have a dog in the race. But when their advocacy of a candidate crosses the line and what looks to me like deliberate falsehoods were presented in order to create buzz for Tom Barrett, then that’s a problem. Investigate. Now.

And let’s talk about MSNBC alum David Shuster, who in the past few days has been reporting that his sources have said Scott Walker is a target in  the “John Doe” corruption investigation:

I have yet to read any other report that confirms what Shuster is saying. Was this legitimate reporting or was it a ruse to try to swing the election to Barrett? We shall see if any of what Shuster reported pans out. Stay tuned.

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