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Sexists Against Streisand?


Parade, the Sunday newspaper supplement, interviewed Barbra Streisand and found her kvetching that famous male Hollywood liberal movie stars “wouldn’t get attacked” for their political activism. (Say what?) Here’s how her complaint unfolded in print:

Streisand recently donated $5 million to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for women’s cardiovascular research. “For so many years, research into women’s heart disease was done on men. Can you imagine? We’re not worth the studies?” she asks indignantly. Her foundation also gives large grants to education and environmental programs. “Global warming, clean water, clean air. Civil liberties,” she says, mentioning a few favorite causes.

Her fundraisers have brought in huge sums of money—and also criticism. “I was always political. You’re always a citizen first, an artist second,” she says. “It’s interesting that a Paul Newman or Robert Redford wouldn’t get attacked for being interested in politics, the environment. It’s a double standard, but women are changing. There are nine women presidents in the world, and Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State. ”

It may be true that Robert Redford hasn’t drawn as much criticism as Streisand: after all, he never sang at party fundraisers, clumsily adapting lyrics to “The Way We Were” to include mention of “lovely Democratic memories.” But he and the late Paul Newman have been regularly noted and critiqued by conservatives over the years when they bashed conservatives — most recently, in Redford’s case, over his preachy anti-war flop Lions for Lambs.


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