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‘At Long Last,’ Savannah Guthrie Exults


Yelling at the television commenced in the Graham house during Wednesday’s NBC Nightly News, as reporter Savannah Guthrie spoke for an apparently unanimous America in celebrating that “at long last,” a compromise on socialized medicine was in the works:

GUTHRIE: Out of Washington, the president finds himself on a mission of reassurance.

WOMAN: Older American citizens would just be put out to pasture. Please tell me that isn’t so.

OBAMA: It isn’t so.

GUTHRIE: But on Capitol Hill, at long last, progress.

Rep. MIKE ROSS (D-Ark.): I’m pleased to report that we have reached an agreement.

GUTHRIE: A family feud between Democratic leaders and conservatives in the party ended with a deal making reform $100 billion cheaper and loosening demands on small business.

I was half-waiting for Beyonce to start singing “At Last” from the Inaugural festivities. I don’t remember NBC reporting “At long last, progress. The Bush tax cuts are ready to pass.”


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