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Re: Tumulty Denies Obama Foot-Massage


Any reasonable critic of the liberal media is going to allow them to say thank you to important newsmakers for granting the interview — once. But Tumulty doesn’t need to thank him repeatedly, and Time didn’t really need to find the pleasantries (or obsequious moments) worth reproducing — except they apparently wanted to include that President Obama thought Tumulty was doing a “good job” and was “very serious.” Apparently, Obama’s approval is almost as good as the liberals who decide the Pulitzer Prizes.

I can’t get over how Obama keeps dropping these wacky claims that he thinks represent the American health-care “status quo.” He tells Tumulty that here’s how most of us are suffering, apparently: “Every single person who’s got an $8,000 deductible, who forgoes a mammogram or a pap smear or a regular checkup or dental care is going through that.” Who has a deductible that high? And how many employers buy insurance that doesn’t pay for checkups? How is that a portrait of the typical American’s status quo? 


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