Jake Tapper vs. Jay Carney on ‘Fast and Furious’

by Greg Pollowitz

Carney doesn’t answer any of his questions, which must mean Tapper’s over the target. An excerpt:

TAPPER: The documents that the president is asserting executive privilege in not disclosing — you don’t know or you’re not going to say whether to — any of them are to or from anybody in the White House?

CARNEY: Yeah, I’m not going to characterize documents related to this except to say that on the specific matter of White House — or anybody in the White House, and this refers, I think — and you know, I mean, if you cover this, and I know some folks here have — you know, because these documents were provided and are out there and have been — were provided back in the fall –


CARNEY: — that relate to anybody in the White House knowing about the so-called Fast and Furious operation.

TAPPER: OK, but I think –

CARNEY: Any document related to the White House — anybody at the White House knowing about the Fast and Furious operation was provided at the time, was provided back in the fall.

The whole exchange here.