Laura Ingraham Talks to John Boehner about Fast and Furious

by Pat Horan

The radio show host asked the House Speaker about F & F, the contempt vote, executive privilege, and more.

He told Ingraham:

While politically this may not be the smartest thing to do, we have taken an oath and office and are required to follow it. . . . We’ve given the administration every ample opportunity to comply with, this and quite frankly we’re at this stage because Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to work with us in a constructive way.

When asked if he thought the president’s use of executive privilege was proper, he answered:

No one will know, but until yesterday, there was no indication that the White House was involved in this in any way, shape, or form. And by the White House invoking executive privilege here, which means that any communication between the president and his senior staff is what’s protected there, it means the president and/or his senior staff now appear to have been involved in how this administration responded to Fast and Furious and possibly the letter they sent here, and possibly the retraction.

Listen to the whole interview here:


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