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News Flash: Al-Jazeera Has An Anti-American Bias


Former ABC and al-Jazeera English producer Rebecca Lipkin has died. This line in a Washington Post obituary by Matt Schudel on Friday stuck out:

She was credited with bringing former ABC newsman Dave Marash to al-Jazeera as a news anchor in 2006. Marash left the network last year, saying it had an anti-American bias.

That’s certainly not a nuanced description of Marash’s strange tenure there: If he had been simply worried about an “anti-American bias,” he wouldn’t have joined it in the first place, or have been such an energetic ambassador for it.

When Marash explained why he quit to Columbia Journalism Review in April of 2008, it was clearer that he felt that when he had some measure of editorial control (and I’d assume some measure of prestige) at the anchor desk in Washington, it was all good. But when they demoted him to correspondent and then completely ignored his advice on covering America, making crude propaganda about American homelessness, he felt it wasn’t reporting, just accusing. But you’ll also notice he was still waxing oddly about how there was otherwise a “very, very high standard” at al-Jazeera English.


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