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A couple of items from the indispensable “Page Six” column in this morning’s New York Post:


(1) I don’t watch much television, so I’ll admit that I have only the vaguest idea who Jon Gosselin is. But according to this item, reporter Kate Major (“The blonde, 26,” as the Post concisely sums her up) has been fired from Star magazine for having an affair with him. What struck me was the statement from Star’s editor that the affair “could raise questions about the objectivity of our reporting.” Who would have thought that a supermarket tabloid would have greater concern about objectivity than, say, Newsweek? (OK, let me rephrase that . . .)


As usual in such cases, I am baffled as to why women consider Jon such hot stuff — especially a reporter.  I mean, when Suzy Wetlaufer fell in love with Jack Welch, the CEO of General Electric, while interviewing him for Harvard Business Review, you could understand what made him seem so attractive.  (Here, by the way, is how the New York Times wedding page summarized the sequence of events:  “The bride and bridegroom met in October 2001. That year Ms. Wetlaufer interviewed Mr. Welch for her magazine. The relationship that developed from that collaboration resulted in Ms. Wetlaufer’s resignation from the business review and became an issue in his subsequent divorce.”)  Same for the sportswriter who had a child (the tennis player Alexandra Stevenson) with Julius Erving, a basketball superstar.  But this guy?  Surely she can do better.


(2) Then there’s this, about conservative humorist and FNC host Greg Gutfeld

DON’T feel too sorry for Greg Gutfeld, who was injured during Sunday’s softball game between Fox News Channel and the Rick’s Cabaret strippers in Central Park. The “Red Eye“ host was rounding the bases when he collided with Rick’s girl Diane, who was playing second base, and suffered a cut lip. “It’s my fault,” the 34C-25-36 cutie told us. “I tried to block Greg as he was running, and our heads collided. I hope he’s OK. I want to make it up to him with some free lap dances.”

You see what life is like in the glamorous world of conservative journalism?  Here at National Review we get lots of fringe benefits too, mostly along the lines of free pizza on Tuesday nights when we’re closing.  But it’s really good pizza . . .


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